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Suspension Repair in Knoxville TN

You rely on your car’s steering and suspension system to keep things running smoothly. When the vehicle’s suspension goes bad, it can affect the performance of your vehicle as well as the safety. With the right assessment and repairs, you can stay safe and confident anywhere you go. Count on the experienced team at Fountain City Auto Clinic in Knoxville, TN for all of your steering and suspension repair needs.

Suspension Repair Knoxville TN

There can be many reasons why a car’s steering or suspension is on the fritz ranging from low steering fluid to loose nuts and bolts or something more complex. A faulty suspension can make it extremely difficult to drive, particularly whenever you need to turn tight corners or drive at higher speeds. The mounting nuts and bolts of your suspension may come loose over time, which could be a simple fix as long as the problem is caught. More complicated issues may require the help of an experienced mechanic to get you back to driving the way you should be.

It’s important to be aware of the signs of steering or suspension trouble. The sooner you recognize there’s a problem, the more money and time you can save in the long run. Here are a few common signs that your vehicle’s steering and/or suspension systems may need attention:

  • Your tires are showing signs of uneven tread wear (this may also indicate that you need a wheel alignment)
  • The vehicle is starting to veer or pull to the left or the right side while you drive
  • Your car feels like it’s bouncing quite violently whenever you drive
  • Turning corners is more difficult than normal or you feel like the vehicle is “fighting” you when you turn
  • There are visible signs of fluid leaking under your vehicle (could be leaking steering fluid)

The type of suspension repair you need will depend on what type of suspension system your vehicle uses. In many cases, the tire rods or the steering rack could need to be repaired, updated, or replaced completely. If you notice that bumps are more uncomfortable when you drive over them, your suspension system likely needs attention ASAP. The technical term for this bouncing feeling is called “porpoising” and may be related to worn-out shocks or other parts that could need to be replaced.

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At Fountain City Auto Clinic, our family-owned business is proud to offer suspension repair services to our customers throughout the Knoxville, TN area. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your vehicle today!

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